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Membership Websites

Get your visitors more involved. Build a vibrant community around your website using our experience with subscription payments, discussion forums, secure member areas and other community applications.

You can empower your members to manage their own membership, with all information fed directly to your membership database, freeing up administrative time for your staff to focus on other areas. The most common integration functionality we carry out for our clients to enable self service includes:

    • membership websites with log-in and authentication – for member’s only areas of your website
    • membership applications and registrations
    • member renewals and membership upgrades
    • member detail management
    • membership enquiries
    • event bookings


Great for events and sport clubs

Whether you are organising events or running a football club, cricket club, rugby club, golf club or any other sports club, you will probably encounter two common challenges.

1) Collecting membership fees

2) Sharing information with your members

An online subscription website will handle these challenges … and many more.


1) Collecting Membership Fees

Collecting membership fees is one of the most frustrating and time-consuming chores of running any sports club. The online process is fully automated and it is easy to keep a record of who has and has not paid. It also enables a sports club to have different payment plans, e.g., monthly and quarterly.

2) Sharing Information with Your Members

Another huge problem for most sports clubs is sharing information with their members and players in a timely way. This could be contact details, fixtures, team selections, rule changes, appointments, results, club events … and much more. Some of the information can be on public pages, such as fixtures and results, whilst other bits of information, such a member names and contact details, can be in a members-only area.


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